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VERY basic coolant questions

Hello friends.

Have a quick question for you regarding the coolant overflow tank. On my old American cars, there was a big, clear tank that you could see the coolant level in and to check the level. On my 190e, I'm just not sure what to look for as it's different. I see a tank there, but it's a rather dark color and it's hard to see the coolant in there. There's a radiator cap at the top of it. This tank says "high pressure cooling system," but it seems a bit too murky for me to look through it. I might be looking in the wrong place.

Is it true that the overflow tank is way at the bottom on the passenger side somewhere?

I guess my question is -- how do I check the coolant level to make sure that all is good? I like to peek at it from time to time to be sure that all is in good order, and I'm just not sure how to do it on the MB's.

Thanks for your help, as always,
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