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380SE Stalling Problems

I have a 1985 380 SE which has developed a few problems recenlty especially with regards to stalling. I cannot find any thread which causes it, other than low revs because it stalls when I am either idling , slowing or turning a slow corner.

It does this when it is hot, cold, with AC on or off and so I can't seem to find a causing factor. MB say that it couls be a host of different things and I am going to pay A LOT of labour for them to replace and test each part which could be the cause.

We have cleaned necessary valves and have replaced the electronic fuel controller (??) but still the problem persists. Somebody once mentioned that it might be the manifold over heating but what I know about cars is comparable to what I understand about women.

Hope someone can shed some lights or throw around some ideas. Thanks

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