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I've had fact authorized service in SF review my '94 E320 Coupe Starmark for the wiring harness issue....

...(2) two weeks later I requested Smythe European's help (fact author service) in San Jose, CA to review for a 2nd opinion....

Smythe replaced the main engine wiring harness immediately under Starmark- no questions>>>

....and I did mention prior to the Smythe's inspection, that SF fact authorized service reviewed this area 2 weeks prior and gave it a clean bill of health

I have done business with Fact Authorized Sales and Service:
1) SF, CA : European Motors Ltd in 2 locations
2) Pasadena, CA: Rusnak
3) Newport Beach, CA: Fletcher Jones
4) San Jose, CA: Smythe European

....all of these MB businesses appear to be "managing" their warranty costs ...some more aggresively than others, but the customer really needs to be armed with a clear understanding of what their specific warranty covers and ensure that they get what they have paid for in terms of warranty coverages

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