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The key is which year of S420 are you looking for?? Anyways, in general, W140 is alot heavier than W126. The same goes to luxury. However, late year W126 has almost all bugs taken out. So no problems there. But pre-1995 W140s have "steering vibration" problems, and front suspension components were updated when W140s got mild face-lift. As for reliability, it's the best bet that you get W126s that were build the last two years, and for W140, I would recommand 1996-1997 model if possible. Oh, ya, one more thing. Go for a 1996 S500 if possible. 1995-early 1997 has Nappa two-tone interior leather, other year S500 does not(The last updated W140s, late 1997-1999, S500 has Nappa leather in mono-tone ONLY)

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