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Alright, thank you EVERYBODY for your responses!
Again I am amazed at the knowledge and willingness to help a brother in need.

Well, I am 99.92% sure I found my problem. Back a while, I had a silmilar problem, and I did not remember it until last night when I got my FREE replacement battery (new 7-year warranty to boot!) and installed it only to have it not even 'click' when engaged.

The REST of the story goes like this:
One of the PO's had apparently had either an alarm system or a CB or something under the dash and the wiring was (is) a total disaster!!
I noticed it when I was fixing the interior dome light a while back and had to remove the below-the-dash panel to get at the ground.
Well, I noticed that there is ONE white wire down there that apparently attaches to the ignition switch that when attempting to wire for alarm/cb/whatever, they just cut the wire covering and wrapped another wire (no connection, tape, or anything) around the original wire. This had vibrated loose, but not off, which would be giving the appearance of spotty behavior.
Tried to start the car and nothing, tightened the wired connection and VROOOM! (actually,"") we were fixed...for the time being.

Somehow, I had pushed that memory to the basement of my brain because I did not remember this until I had replaced the battery and it sould not start. I got back under the dash and sure 'nuff, the wire was now totally off. Tried to start the car, nothing, wrapped the wire back on and she started right up!

Tonight I am going to make a *real* connection and soon I will attempt to return the whole wiring mess back to as *original* as I can.

Whew, sorry for the long description, but it sure is good to know what was causing what I thought was a "drain" was actually just a loose/disconnected wire!!

Thanks again everyone!
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