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not to discredit anyone, but it is MY personal belief that since MB has spent millions of dollars designing, engineering and building these cars, that if you should not half-ass anything. if you want to just change the calipers and nothing else, it is your perogative. just because one CAN do something does not mean that they SHOULD.

my sugestion to anyone re: brakes is that if you want to make the jump from a 190 to 600sl brakes, change the whole system: calipers, rotors, master cylinder and booster. don't forget that a race car is significantly lighter than a fully equipped MB.

certain components are designed to work in conjunction with certain other components and therefore all should be upgraded, not just the ones you want to upgrade.

look at the simple difference in size of the components. there is significantly more forces being applied to all of the components. alot more heat is generated too. if the specific heat capacity of the fluid does not change, where does all the extra heat go? some gets vented off by the larger, vented rotors, but not all. you've also increased the unsprung weight of the car and thus the monemtum and weight that the associated components have to deal with.

which is why I maintain that the parts listed in my previous post are not compatible. compatibility is far more than whether the parts will fit. will they ensure the same if not greater life as well as performance as the old parts?

you can probably load windows XP onto a pentium I 150MHz box with 32 MB ram, but will it function properly? prolly not.

again, it's your perogative to just change the calipers, but do you really want to take that great a risk with your life? once again, that's just my personal philosophy. coming from a family of engineers and mechanical designers gives me a slightly different view of these sorts of things. just my (long) $0.02
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