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Sure is. **BUT** I would hesitate to do it with my Benz. Check with a MB certified technician to see if there is recommended top end cleaner or another method.

I've never done it with a "modern" car, but I did the following on
my '70 Olds last summer, with the 400HP 455ci, hi compression motor (10.25:1).

This is the recipe I followed and it worked great.

GM recommended, (not widely disseminated info.) a mixture of 8 oz. of water and 8 oz. of brake fluid=1 pint total. Shaken well to blend mixture. Use a 16 oz. bottle. With engine at operating temp., pour liquid slowly into carb opening (through both primaries and secondaries) with engine RPM @ 1,000 to 1,200 or to *just* keep engine running. When there is approximately 4 to 6 oz. left in bottle, quickly pour the rest out and decrease revs so engine will die. Let stand for 15 mins. and fire up engine and idle at 1,000 RPMs. When engine idles smooth, drive car for about 10 miles at 60-70 mph. The reason you pour the last 4 or 6 oz. and kill the engine is for the solution to soften any of the carbon that is really hard that wasn't initially burnt off. It was common for lower compression engines and "babied" cars to load up with carbon back in the early 1960's and early '70s with leaded fuel.
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