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What's the benefit?

Greetings forum members,

The Beru plug wires on my 1972 350sl, m117 engine vary in resistance from 6.05K ohms to 6.36K ohms.
I couldn't find information in the forum archives on permissable resistance variance.
So, unless anyone replys with this information, I'll probably replace all the resistor plug ends or the complete wire set.
Parts Shop offers the ends for $25.00 each. x 8 = $200.00 for wire ends only!
FastLane offers a complete Bosch wire set for $76.59.
I don't know if the wire set is solid core copper, but if it is, it seems to be a much better unless Beru is that much higher in quality.
If so I would like to know the price of a new Beru wire set before I make a decission.

Thanks in advance for all replys,

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