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A/C Fan not running on 1992 400E

I have a problem with the A/C Fan not running on my 1992 400E. I have searched the Climate Control groupings and found several possibilities. I want to see if there are other suggestions or things that are more likely. This happened to me once before where the fan did not run at all and it was the fuse strip (separate from the fuse box, but close by) that was blown and that I replaced. That fuse seems intact now.

Othere possibilities that I have found:
* Fan motor itself - before it stopped running completely, I occasionally got a squeal from the fan while running
* Fan switches and control board - solder joint or connection problems
* Auxilliary fan? - unclear on this one

Any advice would be appreciated on best order of attack.

1992 400E (W124) - 177K Miles - fun car!!
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