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hesitation between 5500-7000 rpm

My car sometimes has a slight hesitation when I'm accelarating on full throttle. The hesitation occurs between 5000 - 7000 rpm. It's a very slight hesitation ,you can just bearly feel it for a second and then it start accelerating again as if nothing happened all the way to 7000 rpm. At first I thought that it was a clogged fuel filter but after I changed it the something happenes. I observed that it happenes only when the car is warmed up above 80 degress. If the temprature is 80 or below the hesitation doesn't occur. What is the problem ?? Is one of my fuel pumps going bad or is it one of the sensor on the air filter (air tem sensor) or maybe the EHA? How can a check and pinpoint the problem. Also when I changed the fuel filter I saw that there are two fuel pumps on my car , is this the normal setup?

190e 2.5-16v euro
190E 3.0-24v (M104 980) turbo @ 0.8 bar
1/4 mile: 2.483 / 13.540 / 175.17 km/h (street tires)
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