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Question idler arm / exhaust and ball joint

Hi all,

Just spent the afternoon under and on top of my 1992 300e 2.6

I have a few questions I hope you can help me with.

First, can not remove idler arm, exhaust is in the way. Any suggestions on how to remove the exhaust? The bolts look rusted and from prior experience I have never gotten exhaust bolts off without cutting them, not sure how to get at them on this car. I want to rebuild the idler arm bushings.

Second, got the control arm mounting bolts off and out at the frame (don't do without spring compresor, found out the hard way, lucky no injuries). I will get the spreader tool, but still looks as though it will be tough getting the ball joint out of the spindle. Any adivce or suggestions? I want to replace the ball joint after I get the control arm off of the car.

Finaly, any suggestions on a good Benz mechanic in NH? Dealers have not seemed too interested in helping me, not very courteous, or helpfull with advice. I need my AC system gone through and would like to bring somewhere I can trust and build a repore, looking for a good working relationship. Want to bring my car somewhere for the fixes that are over my head but still have a relationship were I can get some advice on the fixes I can do.

Thanks in advance for your help,

1992 300 2.6
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