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Post 240D Top Speed ?

I have often wondered if my 78 240D is one of the few or normal to run up to 94 mph.
What I use, strictly Amoco Premium, Diesel Kleen by Power Service and Mobil Delvac 1300 moto oil, a can of STP for extra lubricity. It has 240k miles on it, doesn't smoke or leak any fluids.
Uses about one quart of oil per 1600-1850 miles, which I assume this is normal.
As to Amoco Premium diesel fuel, I called Amoco, the fuel has a minimum Cetane rating of 50.
I mix the Diesel Kleen to gain the 6+ points thereby running about 56 - 57 cetane.
The car will easily do 80-85 with 3 adults in the car. Is this normal? Or do I just have a strong running euro-gray-market car?
I have noted that after running wide open for 3-5 miles at 90+ and back off the throttle, a large puff of black smoke appears behind - I was told big trucks may do this too.
This is the car my wife hated, now likes driving it as much as I do. She has even made mention she'd like to get another Benz -
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