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wiring diagram for transmission reverse/ignition lockout 450sl

I put a new reverse servo piston on my 77 450 sl transmission and pulled the wiring plug that goes to the reverse light/ignition lockout switch to avoid damaging them. In the process of pulling it out the plug came apart in two pieces. I put it back together and resealed it but I think I must have one of the pins in the wrong spot. It blows the # 8 fuse everytime I turn the key on. Engine starst though only probelm is no reverse lights. Anyone have a diagram on which color wires go in which spot on the plug. It has 4 pins #'d 1,2,3,4 with another number corresponding # 81, 81A, 50,and 50. The 4 wires are brown, brown/black, black/red, gren/yellow.

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