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190E Euro 16V Possessed Electrical problem

Very strange things happening with my 85 Euro 16V. The other day, I shut the car off completely and removed the keys from the ignition. My wife forgot to put her window up (as always) and when she hit the button, the window went up??? How can the window be put up if the car is off. This only happened once but makes me think I have a bad diodes or some relay is bad and allowing power from the battery to continue to flow after the car is shut off.

One other recent change I noticed about the same time as the window thing happened, when the car is running, everything is fine - battery is being charged - all electrical works ok. But...
When I step on the brake the voltage meter drops, if I turn on the lights, the voltage meter drops - this is not draining the battery car still starts everyday unless I let it sit for over a week - then I need a jump. It never did this before. Should I perform an exorcism or what?

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