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Question Vacuum Locks -- fixed, but now a WEIRD problem

First -- yes, I searched and read it all.

I do not think I have a leak -- they worked perfectly, and quickly, then...not at all.

I was doing some work at the aktive bass amp in the trunk and thought I had crossed a wire (blown a fuse) but the stereo kept on going so I figured I hadn't blown a fuse. An hour later, the locks were found to not be working.

I do not hear a pump whirring at all.

NOTHING else is out on the car (electrically). Could this be a fuse of the vacuum pump? It is dark and I can't check until tomorrow.

By the way, it won't work on either door or the trunk lock, or from inside the car.

(Left door speaker went out, that is why I was at the amp. All connections were good. Any ideas?)

Thanks, brookspw
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