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Originally Posted by Alastair View Post
Which in itself suggests that the monark are a closer facsimile to the original, and that the bosio are not....(Just why is it, that bosio recommend the same nozzle for a variety of engines, where Bosch had different models for each...!!??)

Side-cut Pintle-nozzles like these in the Pre-chamber are tailored to their use. Practically any nozzle of this type will Work in there, but have differing torque characteristics at different speeds....(And be a vast improvement over some 20 year old 200K milers taken out!)

Another reason why I am interested in the TYPE NUMBERS and not MAKES that have been used....

I am not sure the type number is as helpful as you think. When I first got my car I bought some Nozzles that are labled DNO SD 220. However, this does not mean that it is a Bosch Spray Nozzle. It is a Brand X Itlian Nozzle made bye 7 Diesel (at least that is what I was told).

I the 5 years I worked in a Fuel Injection ship I saw the quality of Bosch Nozzles fall. If I built 6 Injectors I would get a variance of excclent to barly usable concerning the the seating area of the pintels in the Nozzles. Mainly meaning that a fair number would not met or barely pass the holding pressure test and drip more than the should.

I got similar results when I rebuilt my Volvo Injectors with Bosch Nozzles in 1992 and later in around 97 when I rebuilt them again ($11 each and Bosch made in Brazil).

In fact Bosch changed the specs back then to allow more of their dribbly nozzles to pass (this kept me from sending them back to the supplier like I did before the spec was changed).

I have built 2 Sets of Injectors with Monark Nozzles. All but 1 Nozzle that had a slighly feathered but OK spray pattern were all excellent and consistant.
The Brand X 7 Diesel Nozzles teste out as well as any Bunch of Bosch Nozzles I have tested in the past.

In any event I am not convinced that Bosch makes the best quality Spray Nozzles. But, where I worked we used a lot of them as they were cheaper.
During the same time CAV, American Bosch, Bryce and Diesel KiKi (Japan) made what I consider better quality Nozzles.
84 300D, 82 Volvo 244Gl Diesel

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