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Originally Posted by jt20 View Post
do you have any relevant information regarding spray pattern dimensions / patterns and velocity?

..or just trial and error?

I Really wish I did....

I have tried on many occasions to get such info from Bosch, Delphi, Lucas and others.

Its regarded as 'propriety information' and these makers will not disclose it under ANY circumstances.

They wont even allow me to have simple service-info/exploded diagrams of pumps with the settings or pump Test-Plans etc, These I had to get through 'Back-Door' means...

Diesel Injection really IS a 'closed-shop' with regards to Information.

I have to rely on microscopic examination of nozzle-pintles and assess their possibilities from that--Only way Ive found so far that illustrates the differences in the flat-cut and taper etc....

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