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Originally Posted by Fitz View Post
And if white students are receiving less time and attention in school than these black kids, are they being held back? Of course they are.

The writer should have left the black-white achievement gap out of the discussion. The gap still exists.
You're oversimplifying. Black students exist who compete well with white students on level ground. No gap there.

I suspect that if you were to spend time trying to teach different groups from a wide range of neighborhoods you'd be less concerned about chronically underachieving students getting some intensive care.

Let's assume for the sake of argument that these is a sort of ceiling on how well a youth can do academically. There are practical limits, of course, thought there will always be standouts and you could never define any upper limit accurately.

But assuming 4.0 work is the max possible, a person working at 3.7 level is not nearly as likely to be led to a significant improvement in performance as someone working at 2.0 level. So to complain that the talented students would improve an equal amount as the average/mediocre students if they were only given the resources is to misunderstand what's going on.

The attempt is to break out of the vicious circle aspect of poor educational performance.

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