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Please help me with 450 SEL

OK I figured it out. I know nothing.

My car starts poorly (need to push the gas) and idles either high (1200 rpm) or idles too low (500 rpm) or idles perfectlt at 700 rpm.

Ive heard mention of the OVP but cant locate on my car.

It seems that when the climate control is working properly (cold air center) it idles differently than when it is not working (warm air sides and floor no center).

Otherwise the car runs great just starting and idling are rough. There doesn't seem to be any change re: engine temp. The car either starts a bit rough and idles great. Or starts rough and idles high or low. Stays that way (whichever way it happened to start).

Please help....

1976 Mercedes 450 SEL (170K Miles)
1999 Nissan Altima GXE (45,000 km)
1986 Ford Bronco II 4x4
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