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190E 2.6 noise...

From the left rear of the car, when leaving a stop, it goes:

"clacka clacka clacka"

It increases as road speed increases, and then above about 60 km/h, it goes away. It does it worse when the weather is cold. I'm going to sell this car for Dad, and I'm trying to solve any obvious problems before showing it.

I'm thinking:

Flex disc? Seems like the wrong symptom...

Rear brakes? Brakes are working fine, pads are good, and it's occuring under acceleration.

Axle? I know the IRS has a couple axle boots on each side, and they look fine, but I wonder if the axle pivot point might be worn. No idea of the symptom...

The car has near-perfect paint, immaculate interior, and incredible service records. Mileage is about 300,000 kilometers. Any Alberta MB enthusiasts interested?
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