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The square end of the power seat cable of my 1982 300SD pops out of its corresponding gearbox receptacle rendering the seat unmovable. The cable end becomes unseated even with both ends of the cable housing properly secured. This cable powers the front and back movement of the seat cushion to provide more or less legroom. After the cable end pops out its receptacle seat, you can still hear the cable turning within the cable housing when you engage the switch. I removed the cable for inspection and it appeared to look okay. When I reinstalled the cable, the seat worked fine for a short time; then the cable end popped out of its receptacle again. I also tested the gearbox to determine if there was any binding by turning the gearbox manually with a small screwdriver. I could not feel any binding and it appeared to working smoothly. Can anyone tell me what could be causing the cable to become unseated? On the surface it appears that the cable is a fraction of an inch too short, causing it to pop out? Has anyone heard of this problem happening on other 300SDs? My concern is that if I purchase a new cable and it is the same length as the existing cable then it will not solve the problem. The new cable must be slightly longer than the existing one inorder to keep the cable end properly seated. Any comments are appreciated.

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