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The way I do it is as follows:
Disconnect the top radiator hose and turn the hose "up" at the engine end. Pour coolant/water/water wetter mix in at the reservoir until water starts running out at the block. You will get a little water coming out at the radiator end of the hose too based on how tight your clamp is. Anyway, pour a little more water in the reservoir and then rotate the hose and attach at the block end and tighten both clamps. Once you start running it you will want to run the heater on full blast to make sure you circulate through the heater core.
The mix is as follows:
1 bottle of Redline Water Wetter
40% MB coolant (coolant of your choice, please don't get started on a coolant brand discussion)
Remainder of distilled water.
I use a one gallon clear plastic jug and pay close attention to the mixture. It is WAY easy to get too much coolant in the mix. Go purchase yourself one of those Prestone mixture testers and use it to get the mix to approximately 40 coolant/60 water and use the Water Wetter.
oh yea - I do what AD says to do too with the burp thing.
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