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I've been thru almost 6 gallons of antifreeze since last night. I've removed the top hose to get the coolant directly into the radiator, etc and it worked for a while as I drove around my subdivision but immediately would spit the coolant back out as I was trying to top her up with the car running and the heater on. She went up to 120 again and after I shut her off, I'd hear the gurggling sounds in the cabin (from the heater coils I assume).

I would then just let her cool down enough to top off again, replace the cap and run her a while...repeating this until she was "full" in the expansion tank. I filled the containers with water last night and loaded her up just in case she wanted to act up this morning.On the way in, she was at 80-82 steady on the highway drive in (about 74 outside) but as soon as I got off at my exit, she shot up to 110 and stayed there although I cruised at about 35-40 mph to my building. Upon pulling up to my usual spot in the parking deck, she's got a bit of a coolant smell and a very small amount of steam coming up from under the hood by my pass side window (by the battery tray).It's funny that you mention the bottle Ash because I was noticing some bubbling around the neck where it actually connects to the bottle which--no matter how tight the cap is, its seeping. I was in my trusty "560 parts catalog" (Mike knows the one) looking for a replacement.

Anyway, the saga continues as she sits in the parking deck until I can get to her again later on today.Another MB tech has said that the car is SUPPOSED to run at between 90-102 degrees and this is driving me nuts! I picked up the mixture tester although I was unable to do any testing because of time or lack of it. The dang thing wouldn't hold any coolant down (I still think its air along with the bottle issue) and seems this will be a battle for now. I'm thinking I should've just left well enough alone with just the distilled water because EVERYTHING was seemingly just fine and now has become a PITA! I didn't think it would really be a mixture issue since the coolant was already a 50/50 mix and at this point has quite a bit of water added to the mixture. Still welcome any suggestions and thanks for the advice so far.

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