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With all my overheat problems, I am down two last resorts- coolant temp. sensor or Freon pressure sensor. Our temps up here are only about 60-70F right now so my 560 runs OK at about 85-90C all the time. Have not had to use AC yet. When temp goes up to 80-90F then I will see if it still climbs to 110C and will use IR non-contact thermometer on the block to verify actual temp. Be patient - I will solve my problem - or die trying. Hey Greenacres2 - still waiting to hear what you did with your overflow hose - don't forget us!!
PS - the old 1930 Chevy has a huge Rad and NO thermostat(were not invented then)and runs well -also no oil filter - just a splash system like a lawnmower! Technology - go figure!
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