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No tsb that I am aware of, but if it is a seperate fuse than it should be high aux fan and can be increased. [I went with a 20].
They have found that high fan can draw as high as 25A.
The one that can't be changed is fuse 7 in the fuse box because that feeds not only the low side of the fan reay, but a bunch of other things. Plus the primary side of the fan relays draw is nil
I would confirm this fuse to be high fan before doing the increase..
As I posted before. the later 124s [94/95 ] have placed these same fuses for both speeds on top of the relays. The high there calls for a 15, but it has been found to be to low to hold. The big draw on these fans [ and yours has the 2] is at start-up. Once they are running, the 15 is border-line, but start is when they crap.....
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