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Originally Posted by Arthur Dalton View Post

Many guys that are in those extreme climates use the low fan sensor on the drier to trigger a simple relay to feed back to the R15 ,which gets you High fan vs. low when the a/c calls for Low aux fan...makes for better a/c output @ High thermal Load/Ambients and will also work with the cabin sw. over-ride.
What sensor is this and do they have them for a 300TE

Originally Posted by RBYCC View Post
My M103-12V twin turbo runs 85-90 with the aux fans turning on at 92 by means of a resistor modification.
I have heard about this, how is this done? and does it do the same thing as the low fan sensor mentioned above?

Originally Posted by pawoSD View Post
Does it have the original radiator? It might be plugged up and not getting good enough air flow.....I had that problem on my diesel. My temps dropped 10-15C under hot-day-load driving by simply installing a new wasn't internally plugged, but the fins were filthy and blocking air flow.
If your radiator was not plugged internally and the fins were just dirty couldn't you just clean the radiator and it would be fine?
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