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Unhappy code po170, po455 on 97 S320 pls help!!

Just got car out of shop for brakes and ATF service. Stopped to put gas in the car and hit the freeway to air it out so to speak. First time I really ran the car at sustained high speed. (brief stints of 90 MPH) All was fine till I pulled in garage and the check engine light comes on. Next day had codes pulled and po170, po455 came up. By the way on the way to the shop the fuel level warning light began to flash, manuel says either loose gas cap or fuel leak. Checked cap, nice and tight. Turned car off and restarted, fuel level light stopped blinking. Is this a MAS problem or vacuume leak or something else. Light was reset by mechanic and has not come back on yet (only driven couple hours since code reset) According to posts code 170 seems to point to MAF, but what about code 455 and the blinking fuel level indicator, Is this all related. Thinking about taking to dealer but I'd like to not get hosed!!
Any suggestions before I give myself an ulser!!!
Sorry for long post
Regards - Anthony
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