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Angry Strange Electrical Gremlins! Help!!!

The strangest thing started happenning with my 1994 E420 this afternoon and evening. I was driving along, and all of a sudden, three problems occurred simultaneously. First, I noticed that the ABS light was on. Second, my A/C shut off, and immediately started blowing hot air. Third, even though my aftermarket radio was still getting power, apparently the factory amplifier (located in the trunk) stopped working, because there was no sound. A couple of minutes later, every thing returned to normal.

Hours later, I was driving around in the evening, and the same symptoms occurred again, and this time, I noticed that the dash display was significantly brighter than normal, and my headlights seemed much brighter as well. Again, after driving around for a while, everything returned to normal, and the dash lights and head lights returned to their normal brightness levels. Obviously, the way all of the symptoms occur and disappear simultaneously, there must be some connection, but I haven't the foggiest idea what to look at first. Any helpful responses are greatly appreciated.
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