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Thanx.. I definitely know now that my EZL is working. Car didn't want to start. It would kick over and sputter. This proved to NOT be the EZL, since it is attempting to fire up. Checked the OVP fuse..Good. Did find the vacuum line going to the fuel regulator from the the valve cover hose broken. But in a new hose and cranked it out 3-4 times and the car started. Left it alone for over 1.5 hours and the car stayed on all the time. Turned it off and restarted it. Fired up instantly. It seemed like a fuel issue. Maybe that vacuum hose was the culprit. Checked the fuel pump relay and it is not hot to the touch. Thought it might be the fuel pump or the relay also. The fuel pump is kinda loud. You can definitely hear it run. Plugs, cap, rotor are good. No wear.
Also, am considering checking the pressure on the fuel pump and checking the fuel accumulator to see if it is holding pressure. While under the car, I'll definitely change the filter.
This is on a '93 190E 2.3 we just picked up.
So, any ideas on this one guys? MBDOC ??
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