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I purchased a 87 560 sl last november w 140k miles. At that time, the ventalation systems usally failed to do anything but give you defrost, no matter what you chose.

Three months ago the central locking mechinism failed. It no longer locks the passager door from the driver side or the trunk.

Other symptoms

1.) There is an loud hissing noise from the gas cap after the car is locked and when the car is shut off
2.) The trunk lock would not unlock after I locked it directly. It appeared to stick and I had to pray and read the owners manual to follow the unlock directions with much patience before it released.

A local mechanic with a very good reputaion offered to try and fix the vent for $350 if no one had tried to fix it beofore. As the car had two owners I don't know though I don't think so.

Are the two vacum leaks(?)/problems related ?
Should I try this one myself or punt to the mechanic ?
Before I punt, do you have some areas where the vacum tubes historicly break down that I should check.

Thanks in advance for you help. I must be insane, I actually think solving problems like this is fun.