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Unplug the connector of the Blue Two Prong Temp Switch

At the Top Radiator hose fitting on top of the Head.
With the KO (Key On) and the two wire connection separated the Auxiliary Fans
(IN Front of the Radiator) should operate on High Speed!

Report Back (as AD says)

"And that sucker don't trigger the High Fans @ 105C (It's more like 130C)

BUT you can acquire Mercedes Part # 006 545 40 24.
Which is a Red Two Pole Temperature Sensor that triggers @ 100C
(to replace the Blue one you have)"

EDIT: (Through the kind services of GSXR's forum correction)
I must point out BOTH of the above statements are Incorrect

MB # 008 542 45 17 (Blue Two pole SENSOR) operates as low as 107 C.
AND MB # 006 545 40 24 is a SWITCH not a sensor...SO the two are not
'84 300SD sold

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