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Cool It is not that bad...

I recently replaced both fuel pumps in my daughter's 1989 300TE. Only one of the pumps was bad, but both looked original, so I figure that as long as I replace one, I'd replace them both. As you can see from Benzman's post, a new Bosch pump is not all that expensive and it will give you peace of mind to have them both replaced. Your stall problem should disappear once you replace the pumps.

If your car runs at 90 degres, that's not necessarily bad. If you want it to run cooler I'd suggest checking the anti-freeze to water mixture ratio in your car and use a 60% water/40% anti-freeze mixture. Also, try using WaterWetter (sp?), that should help reduce your operating temperature. I have tried both and they work in my 1991 420SEL (213K miles). As part of my evening commute I have to climb a 7% grade that goes on for about 6 miles. Even in summer, with So. California heat and going at better than 65 mph going up the grade, my temperature never goes past 90. so try it.

If your car has high mileage, your valves may have carbon deposits that can cause overheating. Try using Lubro-Molly valve cleaner, a couple of applications (cans) will reduce carbon deposits and that should help reduce your engine's operating temperature.

Try these "fixes" and don't curse your car. You will learn over the years that even our most beloved machines can sometimes develop very annoying problems. Your car's current problems are certainly annoying, but definitely not life threatening.

Good luck!
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