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Originally posted by yosshimura
Just wondering...... you bought the car and THEN had it checked out?
I'm seconding that. The repair list on your car could get close to $7-8K by the time you replace that front seal and the evaporator. Stuff adds up fast, like buying an alloy wheel and tire for the spare. Just that will probably be $500.

Some concerns I have:

The spare is missing? Why?

The car was sold due to the evaporator leaking, most likely.

Do you have service records? The V-12 is really tough, but if it does need a repair, it's pricey.

Aftermarket muffler? This soon? The most common reason for premature muffler failure is that the car has seen only very short trips where the system doesn't get hot. Condensation forms in the muffler, and causes premature rusting. This type of operating is terrible for the whole car, especially the engine and transmission.

This is NOT a car for someone who is cash poor to buy. Buy a six cylinder E-Class...
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