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can't keep my engine cool :(

I can't seem to keep the engine in my 500E cool, my fans keep turning on so late. My fans will not turn on until it's half way between the very top mark and the mark under it. It ended up overheating and smoking yesterday. It's 90 degrees outside and i'm driving around with the heat on full blast just to try and keep the engine cool to suck all the engine heat in to the cabin. If it's at night it will sit right on the mark before the highest temp gauge mark, which I assume is pretty cool because it's just one notch up from i'd guess it's around 95 degrees or so? But during the day in the heat it climbs all the way up past that mark, half way to the highest mark, and the fans still won't turn on!! It's sitting there and the fans are completely off. So i turned the heat on to suck some of the heat in to the cabin, then eventually just pulled over because it wasn't going down much. I'm ordering JimF's cool harness to turn the fans on sooner, until I get it does anyone know of a way to keep the engine cool or to toggle the fans on or anything that could help? It's kinda hard to not be able to drive your car more than 5 miles during the day Thanks guys!
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