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FWIW, I don't think dealers do a good job of doing a PPI.

I think their sole objective is to find reasons to scare you away from buying the car so that you'll buy a used or new car from them.

On a car 10 years old or older, there may be things that are broken or on their last leg, like a/c, struts, etc., but if you think about it, every component on the car will have a different amount of wear. This is the subjective part. At what rate of wear on a particular item will the technician recommend replacement? 50%? 60%? 75%?

My car had been maintained at a particular MB dealer for the first 128,000 miles of its life. At 120,000 miles, I did the 120,000 mile maintenance service, and a whole list of items were recommended to replace, which I did, and the bill was about $1,200. At the 127,500 mile service, I got a different service advisor, and was given another list of over $3,000 worth of items to fix.

My instincts took over, I realized I was being taken advantage of, and I decided to find a good, local MB independent. I gave him the list, and he inspected the items on the car and only 2 or 3 items needed replacement in his opinion. Cost less than $400.

Sooooo, my advice is to find several MB independents in your area, talk to the owners or technicians, and chose one that you feel comfortable with.
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