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Is graphite lubricant safe for ignition lock?

Hello, this is a question for my 93 500SEL. I might need to lubricate the ignition lock. The problem occured today when the key would not come out (because it would not turn counterclockwise to the "lock" position) After lots of jiggling and forcing the key to turn left, it finally clicked and was free to come out. It happened again a couple times. Luckily, the car is in my garage..not in a parking lot.

This happened with the 2 keys we use most. I tried it with the Valet key and the other remote-key and no problem.

I've puffed the graphite powder in the door locks before and no problems. Is it safe for the ignition lock too? (electricals, contacts?) Or should I be worried and get new lock and key, sounds too expensive...or just fresh keys?

Thanks for the help.
Chris Doko
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