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If you do a VB replacement, do you include any adjustment that may be required or are the VB's already calibrated after the rebuild? I have had my "low up shifting" transmission in this very same model evaluated at a local MB specialist's and they recommended a VB replacement. I am aware that there is an adjustment that can be made in the VB to correct the full throttle shift point (mine shifts about 1k rpm too low at full throttle). I am concernced that upon replacement of the VB, there will be additional adjustments required anyway. Also, my tranny is a reman'd factory replacement 30k miles old (under warranty) and I discovered that the part number on the side has been ground off - so it is difficult to figure out exactly what transmission it is and what the corresponding VB will be.


I had similar problems with the 3-4 upshift and I was about to make the adjustment Steve indicates but I found that moving the part throttle shift points higher alleviated this condition. This is done with the Bowden cable adjustment. I don't know if it is exactly the same condition but in my case low speed, part throttle shifts at around 2k rpm resulted in rough shifting. Moving the shift point higher to about 2.3k took care of the problem.

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