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R129 Wire Harness Replacement - Labor Estimate?

Anyone have an idea (or care to quess) as to how much time would be required to renew the headlamp cable harness (#129 540 22 05) on a '91 500 SL?

This "U" shaped harness contains 24 connectors, originates in the engine compartment fuse/relay box (4 connectors) and runs behind the primary firewall, underneath the harnesses in the electronics bay and along the left and right sides of the engine compartment. The harness contains the bumper-mounted ambient temperature sensor and powers items such as the front parking lights, headlamps, headlamp wiper motors, horns, and engine coolant level sensor.

Both headlight assemblies would need to be removed, as well as (but not limited to) the engine coolant expansion tank, washer fluid reservoir and the firewall access panel. TIA.
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