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Intermittant ASR problem 1993 500E

Our 1993 500E (75K miles) has been having the ASR light come on intermittantly and go into LIMP MODE. BTW- the wiring harness replaced at 65K miles.

I only get it during startup (sometimes), and so far only during a cold start or when the car has been sitting for at least 4-hours (condensation or water somewhere?).

Restarting the car, makes it go away, and everthing drives and operates fine.

Since I can't duplicate it at the dealer, is there still codes to pull?

What should be my plan of attack?
Idle control switch (inexpensive)
Tranny neutral safety switch (inexpensive)
throttle actuator slide (ouch!)
Another wiring harness (ouch!)

Something else?

Thanks in advance,
:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG
1993 500E

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