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Mine was about half that in $US.

Step 1: Take a wire coat hanger about a foot long and bend it in half. Shape it to stick into both the two holes in the tumbler. You could use the new one as a template.

Step 2: File a flat point on the inboard side at a fairly steep angle (make it look sharp) Again you could use the new one as a template. There are 2 latches, a single one you can see on the tumbler, then a double one that realeases that black cover.

Step 3: Turn the old one to the acc position, you should see the holes line up.

Step 4: Stick the coat hanger into the holes. You'll feel the first single latch first on just one side. Keep pushing till you get the second latch. You may need to jiggle things but when you hit paydirt it will slide right out.

Step 5: Lubricate it regularly:p
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