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Thank you everyone for taking the time to give me your replies. I appreciate it!!

I believe that these questions from my first post are still unanswered so I am going to try again:

Did MB have a better head gasket design by 1997 on the M104 and, if so or not, what would be an average mileage for replacement (not min or max, but average) on this year? Does time (age) affect the gasket or is it mostly mileage (usage)?

When people say where this gasket leaks, they say at the right rear of the engine and at the front by the timing chain cover? Which side is the right rear (driver or passenger side for US vehicle)?

When these gaskets go, do they just usually leak oil externally or is it common for antifreeze to get into the oil also? What I am trying to find out here is if the infamous M104 head gasket leak also has potential for ruining the engine bearings?

What is the best procedure for checking for leaks? Should I have a service shop do it or can I see these areas fairly easily?

Thank you in advance for your replies!

P.S. Any other info on the 722.6 and whether or not a non-updated one will likely suffer a shortened life would be appreciated also...

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