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where to fit a gamecube in my 500E?

Hey guys, I've been looking about getting a gaming system for the 500E and some LCD's...for now just one LCD in the front, lcd's on the headrests later. But for a gaming system I want to get a gamecube, I personally love the size of it, and like the games better than a PS2 (i'm a super smash brothers addict). But...I was wondering where the best place to put it would be? I was wondering if it would fit in the rear glove box that sits between the two rear passenger seats in the 500E? Anyone know if it would fit? I don't have a ruler to get dimensions at the moment. If so, how would i run the power cables and everything if i put it in there? Putting it in the trunk would probably be the best idea for cables and everything, but what if i would want to change the game? I'm not gonna pull over Where else could i put this sucker?
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