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John Walker
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E500 surge/hesitating

Thank you for the input and suggestion. I went back through the records and found a receipt for a item called distributor (119-158-01-02) $85.60 each ~ I am assuming that is probably the cap and another two items called Distributor (119-158-02-31) $37.60 each ~ which I assume is the rotor. It looks like those were replaced as part of the 60K tune-up. I should probably take a look at them anyway. I assume when they go bad it is somewhat easy to tell; Carbon traces, burned rotor tip and burned contacts in the cap?

I described it as a miss, but it would probably be more accurate to describe what I am feeling as a hesitation or surge. Thinking about it, I doubt I would actually feel a miss unless a number of cylinders were cutting out at the same time.

I found a number of responses under a search for oxygen sensor and ways to check it in the list history so I will give that a look tomorrow. What is the typical life of the O2 sensor in these cars? I am used to them going 100K miles, but have heard Audi's V8's are hard on sensors and they last only 60-70K miles - if this is true from your experience with V8 in the E500 it helps me feel I am pointed in the correct direction.

Appreciate the help,
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