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Question sprinter 312D ABD fault

Hi there.

I'm a British courier driver, who owns a UK model Merc Sprinter 312D, and I could really use some help

Today I started having problems with the ABD. It seems to think that I'm on a slippy surface when I'm not. It only does it when setting off from stationary or almost stationary, and it's worse when on a slight uphill slope. But it doesn't do it all the time.

I'm fully booked all this week, and I can't afford to cancel any of the jobs. I'll take it to the dealers as soon as poss, but in the meantime, I could do with disabling the ABD. My handbook doesn't tell me which fuse and/or relay to pull out, and whether these fuses/relays are shared with anything else.

Can anyone help me? Has anyone had this happen to them? Can anyone tell me whether it's likely to be a sensor fault or a dodgy relay or something?

Thanks in advance. Really appreciate this.

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