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I have had this 83 240D for about a year now. I love her, but the tranny hasn't shifted right since I got her. It feels like a standard even though it's an automatic. It won't shift unless I let off the gas. I replaced the brake booster right away and then some other minor repirs but I let this go until now, but I can't stand it. It drives me crazy. I thought I'd finally get it done and the mechanic said that the vacuum pump is working fine. He needs a schematic of the vacuum system before he can figure it out. I got a lot of input from the MB forums about 6 months ago when I was thinking of fixing it then, but I would appreciate anything else anybody has to offer. I take the car back in on wed.

Billybob emailed me his schematics and I hope they help. I can't tell, because I'm not a I'll go from here and do what I can.

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