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MotorVac Question

My friend's 1989 420SEL has developed a pinging problem. His mechanic has indicated that he needs a "head job" to clean out the combustion chambers and valves from all carbon deposits. I mentioned a MotorVac procedure as a less costly, and perhaps as effective, alternative.

His mechanic told him that MotorVac is nothing more than a witches' brew and that he might as well throw the money he would spend on a MV away in the trash. He also said that there is a danger that with MV a chunk of carbon could be dislodged and start rattlign around the engine, causing more damage.

I told him that I would submit the issue to you guys here and get your "vote."

I also did a thread-check and I will give him any current information on the MV procedure. I would just like to get more updated info to pass along to my firend.

Also, whatever happened to the debate on the Delco fuel system cleaner (I think it is called X66-P). I remember that about a year ago, there was a whole long thread on the pros and cons of this product.

Has anyone used this product recently? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Thanks y'all
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