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16v fuel pumps

i think one or both of the fuel pumps on my 16v are going bad. they make a loud whistle at WOT and make a hiss at idle. if i replace them, i would like to maybe upgrade a bit to a larger set of pumps to make my turbo buildup stronger and allow for tuning for increased fuel delivery if so needed when cranking up the boost. i know there is more to increasing fuel delivery than that, but since i'm going to replace the pumps anyway, i want to make sure they new pumps are up to any task. here's my question: does installing a larger/higher flow fuel pump change the fuel pressure at the injectors, if i don't make any other adjustments? that variable is controlled by another unit right? any other thoughts? any suggestions for lower cost pumps to use?

86' 190e 2.3L 16v
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