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97 C230--Electric cooling fan questions

97 C230, 90,000 miles

I just recently suffered major A/C failure. While compressor failure is the most likely cause, I want to rule out other systems that effect A/C operation that could cause the compressor to lock up. I am particularly interested in air flow through the condenser. This car does not have a belt drive fan. In fact, only has one electric cooling fan. I "assume" this fan is variable speed and is controlled by engine temp and climate control (A/C switch). I also "assume" there is a relay somewhere that runs the fan. I want to verify proper operation of this fan since it is possible that poor air flow could have caused my compressor to overheat and lock-up. (BTW: I know for sure it is locked up tight).

Specific questions:

1. Where is the relay that runs the electric cooling fan?
2. What temp does the fan first turn on?
3. Is it multi-speed? If so, what temp or condition controls the speed?
4. What is considered normal operating temperature for this car? (Owners manual does not say)
5. Does the A/C switch (climate control) also turn the cooling fan on? If so, what speed?

Thanks for any and all help.
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