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Lightbulb Dummies guide to fluids (oil, coolant, etc)

Ok, now the car is running again and itīs time to address those regular maintenance items - the fluids.

Since my car didnīt come with any owners manual and searching here and everywhere else hasnīt resulted in any answers... I once again have to bother all the people on the board to find some answers

How much oil does the engine want with a regular oil change w/filter? (300E/86 - I assume is M103 after absorbing the info from here). Also interested in 87/560SEL here, as thatīs my next project to get on the road.

Same goes for transmission (auto). How much does it usually take?

Coolant? And what is the preferrred mix? Special fluid required?

Rear-axle/Differential? How much, and which kind?

If I forgot any other fluids, feel free to include them too
99 W210 E220 cdi sedan automatic (248.000 km) 210.006
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