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Centrallocking Part 2

I just remembered what I was originally going to ask you guys today.

Waiting for my Haynes and CD-schematics I couldnīt resist starting to troubleshoot my dead centrallocking system.

1) Took out the central pump from under rear seat - Tested. Works 100%
2) Redid the whole fusebox with new ATO-fuses, result can be seen here


so now everything works excellent on the car - well except the centrallocking.

3) Measured power to door-locks... nada, zip, nothing on the red/white wire. Hmm! Checked the ground wire too (brown)...nada ground too?! ok..

4) Headed for the big buddy under the rear seat again, the pump... Measured power...nada, ground is fine.

How is the pump powered. The rest of the circuits on the fuse works without any problems, so I assume somebody who had the car before me really made a boo-boo and cut a wire somewhere. Is it related to the factory alarm? It DOES work - too good of course. Goes off every time I open a door, so I disconnected the horn and the big multi-plug on the alarm. Does the centrallocking somehow get powered from through here?

Can somebody shed some light on where the wiring goes from the fusebox and ends up at the central locking pump?
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